Harold Rudy (bass)

As the second youngest of ten siblings, Harold was heavily influenced by a musical family. He studied music right through high school and participated in numerous musical activities. An older brother, as a high school music teacher, would often load up the back seat of his car with musical instruments when returning home for the week end or summer holidays, allowing Harold to test virtually all the musical instruments. For some reason, the bass violin had a special intrigue where he began to jam with a few buddies. As bass violins were quite expensive for a college lad, his first purchase was an abandoned $100 relic found in a closet along Church St. in Toronto, but requiring extensive repairs. The years flew by but the yearning to connect with suitable musicians never left. In 2003 Harold was introduced to musicians with a passion for Irish/Celtic genre where his “new” 1938 vintage Kay continues to provide the low-end harmony and syncopation to dozens of selections.